Who are we?

We are Telltie, we create, we service, and we help. Telltie is a Malaysian data technology company which is established around mid of 2017. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a group of people that consists of Connoisseurs, Tech-Guy, Accountant, Lawyer, Engineers and etc… the only common ground we share together is “We Enjoy Live!”.

What we do?

We create a platform to serve and enrich lives: we produce a series of F&B channel services by providing a seamless experience between Foodies and Restaurant, between Kitchen and Cashier, from Online to Offline, from Ordering till food being served, and we treasure our multi-cultures where we are THE ONLY Multi-languages lifestyle services platform in the region.

Foodies can easily access to any restaurant’s menu through Telltie mobile app, placing order in real-time, sharing your experience with others and enjoy the rewards anytime anywhere, enjoy the personalized services.

Merchants will be able to save cost, scale their business provide personalized services and better manage their business by leveraging our state of the art cloud service. Telltie takes care of the technology headache for the merchants so that they can focus more on providing authentic and delicious food to foodies.

Our Core Value