More Saving

  • Less staff, better performance
  • No more expenses on menu printing
  • No more expenses on leaflet and promoters
  • Cost-effective advertisement
  • Less human mistake and reduce wastage

More Earning

  • Precision marketing
  • Attract more customer
  • Time and space saving
  • Business expansion
  • Gain profit from 3rd party promotion
  • Earn more profit from TELLTIE platform

Management Enhancement

  • Avoid losses due to "Hanky Panky"
  • Membership control
  • Reduce communication error when ordering
  • Precision Marketing

  • Fully understand your business
  • Fully GST Compliant
  • Monitor your business remotely
  • Handle accounting with ease

Excellent Service

  • Improve quality of service
  • Enhance consumer interaction
  • Induce reward and loyalty
  • Understand your customer
  • Receive information on latest trend
  • Built your business on the ground of Big Data

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