When you visit Telltie’s Alliance Outlets,you will see a QR Code stick on the table or on a table stand, simply use your mobile phone and scan with Telltie App, the menu of the outlet will be displayed on your screen instantly, enjoy exploring with our easy-to-use i+Menu, place your order and be rewarded with Tbits rewards*.

*Tbits Distribution will only available in our TBonus Outlet.


Sharing is caring, we believe that you would like to share with your love ones on how much you enjoy your dinner. You can share this easily with Telltie app with just a simple touch: you can share your dining experience, the cuisine and the environment of your dining on Facebook, WeChat and Google+, let’s Miow to your friend today!


TBonus is our reward system, when you visit our TBonus Rewards Outlet, every single Ringgit you spent will entitle to at least 1 Tbits reward (You could receive more Tbits based on discretion of individual merchants). So you should remember to look out for merchants how is doing Tbits promotion to earn more.

For example, Restaurant ABC promises to distribute 2 Tbits for every 1 Ringgit the customer spent, if your bill is RM125.50, you will be rewarded with 250 Tbits regardless whether it is a GST Tax Invoice or Non-GST Invoice. It is straight forward and easy, be rewarded through dining at our TBonus Rewards participating outlets ..

As for redemption, normally 100 Tbits can redeem item of RM1.00 and above, but that doesn’t mean that 1 Tbits is equal to 1 Cent only. Most of the time, you can use it to redeem other more valuable items which is based on respective merchant's promotion. Besides, you could redeem your Tbits at our Telltie Online Redemption Center, Exchange a cinema ticket or even bid an iPad with a very small amount of Tbits. So use your Tbits wisely to obtain better value.

Search & Compare

Having trouble to decide where to have lunch? Sick and tired of hearing “Whatever” from your meal-mate but never able to please he or her with your choice? Telltie App eliminates headache before lunch, Telltie consolidates all restaurants in the town at your finger tips. You can sort the list by location, pricing, rating … according to your preference. Don’t be surprised that our smart filter may know your girlfriend better than you!

Once you pick a restaurant you like, Telltie will initiate your preferred GPS navigator and guide you to the destination. When you are driving, your girl friend can place the order. Congratulation! You are now qualified to propose to her.


An awesome party? A worst dinner your have ever had? An amazing cuisine by a fantastic chef? Ok, now is your time to promote them, thumb up or thumb down, you decide, choose the star rating based on your experience as a reference for other foodies.


Cat Express is our delivery service, the service will only be available in June 2018. Once this service is launched, you may order and make the payment with your mobile device, we provide both Cat Express and Halal Cat delivery service to meet your needs.